Courses taught

At Wilfrid Laurier University (2012-present)

ES101* Introduction to Environmental Studies
ES102 Environmental Problems
ES298 Environmental Thought
AF101N Environmental Refugees and Climate Change

*I am teaching this course in Fall 2016

At University of Colorado at Boulder, Maymester 2015

GEOG4742/ENVS4100 Environment and Human Migration

At University of Ottawa (2006-2012)

ENV1101 Global Environmental Challenges
ENV2301 History of Environmental Thought
GEG3106 Urban Geography
GEG/ENV3321 Geographical Interpretations of Environmental Issues
GEG/ENV4303 Environment and Urbanization in Developing Regions
ENV4920 Senior Research Seminar – Humans and Nature
ENV4910 Field Study Course - Rural Sustainable Development
GEG5105 Graduate Seminar – Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change

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