Monday, October 28, 2013

Should international law recognize 'climate change refugees'?

This morning I was interviewed on CBC Radio's The Current on the subject of 'climate change refugees'.  Here's a link to the show's podcast. The story was triggered by an asylum claim being made in New Zealand by a man from the small island state of Kiribati, who says that rising sea levels make make it unable for him to return home. So far was we know, this is the first time someone has explicitly claimed asylum in a common-law country on the basis of climate change. I'll post more detailed thoughts on this question later this week; in the meantime, please enjoy the podcast. I especially enjoyed the person who was interviewed before me, a woman from Kiribati now living in Sydney who spoke about how no one from her nation wants to be refugees or treated like one, they want to be able to live with dignity and to migrate as skilled, educated people, not as victims.

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