Monday, June 24, 2013

Music for a road trip to the Highlands

Am heading out for 5 days of field research in one of my favourite places anywhere, the eastern Ontario Highlands, where trees are many and radio stations are few. Got my tent, video recording equipment, notebooks, and music. The rental car has a CD player, if not satellite radio, so here’s what I’m taking with me, in no particular order…

Chris Isaak – The Baja Sessions
REM – Automatic for the People
Jayhawks – Hollywood Town Hall
Beck – Odelay
Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run
Tragically Hip – Day for Night
Dandy Warhols – Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia
Cowboy Junkies – Miles from our Home

There’s two things you can tell from this: 1) I don’t have an iPod or long list of songs on my phone (2) I stopped buying CDs in the year 2000. Oh yes, and (3) I’m very excited to get out in the field again, if only for a short time.

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